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As always, we are here and ready to serve whoever is in need. Our team has been working diligently on procuring food to supply our neighbors with wholesome & nutritious foods, as well as basic household necessities.

WE URGE YOU to utilize us! Let us help you stretch your grocery budget. Visit us first, see what we provide you, then you can shop more efficiently with your monies.

We know many of you are losing your jobs, having your hours cut, pay cut, put into daycare dilemmas, - added on top of all the other family issues that exist such as illness, special needs, etc… YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You and your family does not have to suffer during these uncertain times.

If you are NEW to us: during this pandemic, we won’t ask for your name, your address, nor your signature. All we need to know is your household size for our IDHS reporting requirements.

We recognize how difficult it may be for you to visit a food pantry. We are not just a food pantry. We are a representative of a surrounding community that CARES about you!

If you are unable to leave your house, you may send a neighbor, relative or friend to pick up for you.

If you know someone in need – and they just won’t visit us; encourage them to come, or just pick it up for them and take it to them.

We need each other. We are all here now. We are Wilmington. When we get back to normal, we will continue to be BETTER!

If you do not live in the 60481-zip code and are in need of food assistance, please see this list below of food pantries in the area: BRAIDWOOD, Community Care Center, 630-738-8863 COAL CITY, Coal City Food Pantry, 815-216-3288 CHANNAHON, Living Manna Food Ministry, 815-828-5627 GARDNER, Church of Hope, 815-237-8312 MINOOKA, Minooka Bible Church, 815-467-2205 MANHATTAN, Christ’s Mission Church, 815-485-2059 MORRIS, We Care of Grundy County, 815-942-6389 ALL OTHER LOCATIONS: google NIFB and then click on “get groceries” to search for your local area.


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